Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naked in a Bathroom Stall

Last night I went on a first date. Or a group first date, rather. Two girls from a CPA firm in town set up a Match.com account for their coworker and emailed me thinking we would get along great. After a few weeks of emails back and forth with the gals trying to set something up, we finally got together for happy hour at a local bar last night. A couple of my friends came along as my security blankets, and he had the girls there and their significant others.

I had worn my new high-waisted color blocked black and cobalt blue dress from City Chic I ordered a couple of weeks ago, a gray shrug and black patent leather Bandolino sandals. So I was feeling comfortable and confident in my new purchase after some great compliments at the office during the day.

Just as we settled in with our beers a little nervously, I reached down to adjust my shrug and noticed the dress' side zipper was down! I excused myself to the ladies' room where I gasped at the mirror when I realized the zipper wasn't down - it had split open! I scurried in to a stall, untied the bow and slipped the dress over my head. I tried desperately to get the zipper to go down and rehook, but the minutes passed and I just knew they would think I was 'sick' in there. So I got dressed, pulled the sash tight and tugged the shrug down to cover the hole. Then I walked back to the table with my arm by my side.

I told my girlfriends quietly about the problem and asked them to keep an eye out. When we left the pub I tucked my purse close in to my side to hide the hole. Success!

I guess today's lesson is - always have a cardigan or shrug handy! That, and don't listen to your coworkers! One had told me I should ditch the shrug for the date. This is one day I'm glad I'm not a fan of my arms!


  1. Other than that, how did the date go?!

  2. We all had a GREAT time! He seems really nice and genuine, and the girls are awesome. They told me they are getting the scoop this morning and will let me know - lol. I think we'll stay friends even if there's not a love connection.