Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weight for It

I know some incredible women who have dropped a significant amount of weight lately. You go, girls! No - I'm not one of them. Yet! I started Weight Watchers this weekend with my sister-in-law, and we're getting to know the new plan, writing out all the points in the pantry and trying new recipes.

Right before college graduation (four years ago) I lost 40 lbs on Weight Watchers, so I have a whole other wardrobe in my closet that I'm excited to start shopping in! Some of you aren't as big of clothes hoarders as I am, so transitioning to a smaller wardrobe when you lose weight is difficult.

If you are still in the process of losing weight and don't want to splurge on new clothes until you're closer to your goal weight, here are a few tips on how to make the most of what you already own.

Places like the Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet can get you name-brand looks with just slight wear and tear. A girlfriend of mine swears by resale and has picked up pieces like an Anthropologie dress at Buffalo Exchange for $8 and a leather Fossil bag for less than $20. Note: Plato's Closet will have more junior-style pieces, but you may be able to pick up some basics like jeans and cardigans or tanks to get you by the in-between sizes.

The key to getting quality pieces from a resale store (or Goodwill, Thrift or other discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross) is to visit a location that is in a more upscale part of town. This is where people who change their entire wardrobes with each season will drop off barely worn clothes for resale or Goodwill.

Brooch it
Pin the back or side of a shirt with one of your favorite brooches. This even adds some bling to your look. You can even convert a hair accessory into an item to cinch your shirt with a safety pin.

Cover up with a Cardi
Pull out that cardigan that was a little too small for you before and throw it over larger items. You can safety pin or clasp a shirt in the back to make it more form fitting and throw on a cardigan to cover up the pin.

Consider buying a neutral cardigan that will go with everything from one of the resale shops, or borrow one from a friend that is cardigan crazy.

Belts, Belts, Belts

If you have a favorite top or dress, and it's just too baggy to wear, try belting it. This instantly cinches your waist and shows off those lost pounds. It'll make the top or dress last at least another size (hopefully!).

"But I don't have any belts that fit anymore!" Ok, understandable. If you just can't poke another hole through the leather of your belt to make it work, try some alternatives:
  • Pull the belt tight through the hook and wrap it around the belt in a loop-di-loop like Kimberly from Fab Finds Under $50. Learn how to do the loop-di-loop from Kimberly.
  • Use a scarf for a belt. Fold it, roll it, or braid a couple together and tie it in the back. Then tuck the ends in behind the scarf. I've done this even with scarfs with fringe, and tucking in the ends hides the fringe perfectly.
  • Splurge on a belt with stretch in a smaller size. Go to one of the resale shops or look for a good sale online on a belt that is elastic around the back so it'll fit you for awhile. Try it in a neutral color like black, gray or brown, and design so you can wear it with a variety of things.
  • Steal your hubby's tie. Try taking one of your hubby's ties and using it for a pop of color or interesting pattern for a new twist on a belt.


  1. Good luck on WW! I have been doing it 4 months and down over 30 lbs. Also, thanks for linking the belt loop-di-loos! Great post!

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