Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deja Vu

If you had asked me two weeks ago if I'd ever strip down at the office, I'd tell you, "Of course not!" And then I went on a group first date where my brand new dress' zipper broke at the beginning of a 3-hour happy hour. And I was just thankful that I had made it through a day of meetings without a busted zipper.

And then Monday I got my first package in from another British retailer, Simply Be, who recently started shipping to the US, and I was ecstatic! The tiered dress I bought to wear with my boots at the dance hall was crazy short, so it's going back. But the hitched skirt - although a little long - was fun and different. I've been locked away in my office plugging away on a project for the last week or so, and I knew going a little more casual to the office would be fine. So I wore it yesterday with a cami, cardigan and brown belt.

When I went to the ladies' room at 2:30 I noticed that the zipper on the skirt had broken!! What is it with British companies and poor quality zippers??? Thankfully I had worn a long cami and you couldn't tell. We'll see what the company says about it. You know I emailed them!